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How we serve our clients


Technology Training

CliQ Technology Consult (CTC) specializes in Training and Human Capital Development, for both management and technical skills. We have a pool of experts in our faculty specializing in professional IT and management courses such as Digital marketing, Cyber Security, Project Management, Software Development, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Internet of things., Operating Systems, Virtualization, Microsoft Azure, Agile and Scrum, Web and Mobile, DevOps, Amazon Web Services, Information System Audit, Block Chain Technology, Computer Networking, IT Service Management and Database Management


Technology Consulting

CliQ Technology Consult (CTC) understands the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining technology systems. With our expertise and experience, we provide our customers with the commitment to designed, constructed and installed technology systems to meet current and future requirement. Major consulting areas include:

  • IT Audit Services
  • Technology Deployment and Project Management
  • Cyber and Information Security Consulting
  • Web Technologies and graphic Designing:

Technology Sales

Technology sales is an impressive industry that helps solve unique challenges for consumers. CliQ Technology Consult connects customers with technology that can provide a solution to a specific problem or challenge.

The sales section covers all areas of the technology space ranging from Hardware devices and gadgets and also software which covers mobile to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.


Technology Skill Placement

The Job Placement Service of CliQ Technology Consult (CTC) provides the opportunity for organizations to recruit the right skills for the right technology jobs within the enterprise. This service comprises;

  • Assessment of human capital needs of organizations
  • Advertising Job roles for the human capital gabs.
  • Screening potential Candidates.
  • Conduct aptitude tests as part of an assessment process.
  • Interviewing potential employees.
  • Recommending qualified personnel for consideration.